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Ok guys GREAT NEWS! Nezumi just completed a really cool and long survey in her journal. You can learn a lot and it's SO MUCH FUN TO READ IT! You can see it here by clicking below or you can visit her journal.

What time is it?: 7:51 PM
What is the date?: 17 February 2003
Why are you filling this out?: Because I'm bloody bored

-*-*YoU yOu YoU*-*-
Full name: Chloe (insert middle name here) Arents
Do you like it?: Not particularly
Nicknames: Nezumi, Herr des Schafes
Age: Thirteen
DOB: 05 October
Height: 5'7"
Hair colour: Red
Eye colour: Green
Where do you live?: San Diego, California
Do you like it there?: Sure, why not?
Why/Why not: There's some interesting shite here
Where were you born?: A hospital
Astrological sign: Libra
Shoe Size: 8 1/2
Grade: 7th? No SATs since ... uh ... 2001, I think. I dropped out.
School: Homeschooled

Parents names: Stefanie, Wayne
Do you have any siblings?: No
If so, what are their names and ages?:
Are your parents divorced/remarried/single?: Married
Pets: One dog
Names: God no.
Do you like your family?: Yes
Favorite relative: My Mom, my Dad, my Aunt

Number: 5
Color: #9700ff
Car: El Camino
Season: Fall
Holiday: Hallowe'en
Month: October
Day of the week: Any of them
Grade so far: The last one?
Sport: None.
Class: Er, none
Teacher so far: None
Drink: Coca-Cola, wine
Candy: How the hell can you have a favourite candy? HOW?!
Food: Anything Italian
Dessert: Tiramisu, anything with frosting
TV show: Clone High USA
Radio station: 91X
CD: The Vines - Highly Evolved
Movie: Rock'N'Roll High School
Actor: Malcolm McDowell, Ian McKellen, Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, many others
Actress: Melanie Lynskey, Pola Negri, Olga Baclanova, Zooey Deschanel
Song: David Bowie - The Prettiest Star
Word: Right now it's "metropolitan".
Phrase: Wham bam thank you ma'am.
Animal: Snake
Flower: Rose
Clothing store: Hot Topic. Shut the fuck up. I like some of the clothes they have there.
Article of clothing: This velvet jacket that doesn't fit me. It makes me look like one of The Strokes. It's neato.
Underwear: Lacy plaid ones.
State (that you've been to): California, Nevada
Ice cream flavor: Daquiri ice, chocolate chip cookie dough, Ben & Jerry's Phish Food
Breakfast food: Food of any sort.
Way to have fun: Do these

-*-*ThIs Or ThAt*-*-
Me/You: Me
AOL/AIM: AIM I guess
CD/Cassette: CD
Radio/CD: CD
Slow dance/Freak dance: Slow dance
Jeans/Khakis: Jeans
Jacket/Coat: Jacket
Leather/Pleather: Leather
Sparkles/Bronze: Neither
Sexy/Hot: Sexy
Car/Truck: Car AND truck. El Camino, man.
Civic/Acura: Civic
Corvette/Camero: Both
Strong/Weak: Weak
Upset/Pissed: Pissed
Tall/Short: Tall
Lunch/Dinner: Dinner
Abercrombie/Hollister: Neither
Gap/Old Navy: They both have some good stuff, but generally I don't like either of them.
Nsync/BSB: Neither
Britney/Christina: Neither
Love/Lust: Love
Gone In 60 Seconds/The Fast and the Furious: Neither
Inside/Outside: Inside
Lipstick/Lipgloss: Lipstick
Silver/Gold: Silver
Piercings/Tattoos: Both
Football/Basketball: Neither
Thunder/Lightning: Neither
This/That: That

Who are your best friends?: All of my friends
Do you get along with people easily?: Usually
Why/Why not:
Who have you known the longest?: Um. God, I don't know
Who do you dislike the most?: NONE OF YOU
Was your crush/bf/gf a close friend before you liked them?: Not applicable
Craziest: Alex
Loudest: Alex
Funniest: Assorted
Quietest: Don't know
Sweetest: Brie, Audrey
Most caring: Brie :[
Most understanding: Um, most of you
Kinkiest: I don't know. A lot of you are kinky.
Sleeziest: Ummm ... Hm.
Best dressed: Audrey
Biggest flirt: I don't know. Do any of you flirt with me?
Most likely to have a 2 year relationship: err uh.
Cutest couple: sljafkldgdda
Most loyal: I am so fucking indecisive. :(
Most athletic: dakljfadkljfa
If you were stuck with only 2 friends, who would you pick and why?: Audrey and Brie. I don't know, I like Audrey and Brie.
If you were the opposite sex, which member of the same sex (as you are now) would you date and why?: Ummm! Who wants to go out with the male me?
Most likely to be on America's Most Wanted: Ian
Most likely to be a stripper: Alex
Doctor: um, Dolan
Teacher: Audrey
Stay at home mom: Alex
One you'd travel across the world for: All of you
If you could take 5 friends to paradise with you to live, who would you take and why would they be the best?: Um, Audrey, Resa, Brie, Dolan, and Steph. Because.
Biggest wanna-be playa (boy): Ian
Biggest wanna-be playa (girl): Ian ;x
Biggest thug: JUAN
Smartest: Audrey
Who would do anything for a thousand dollars?: Juan ;)
Who has the nicest parents?: I have no idea
Who is like your adopted sister/brother?: Umm, I don't know.
Who is the most like you?: A lot of you are like me. It's creepy.

-*-*LoVe n ReLaTiOnShIpS*-*-
Do you have a bf/gf?: No
If so, who?: Ahem.
If not, do you have a crush?: No, of course not.
If so, who?:
How long have you liked your bf/gf/crush?: Late July 2002.
What about them do you like so much?: Talent.
Weakest quality?:
How long have you known them?:
What physical feature attracted you to them first?: Hair. And hands on guitar.
Personality feature:
If you could kiss one famous >MUSICIAN< who would it be and why?: See above
If you could kiss one famous >ACTOR< who would it be and why?: UHHHhh
If your single, why do you think you are?: Because I'm a shy weirdo.
What was your longest relationship?: Um ... Four months.
Shortest: Four months.
Who was your first love (if you've had one)?: Alvin from the Chipmunks.
Do you miss them (if your not still together)?: HAHAHA. yes. :(
First kiss: I haven't had a "REAL KISS" yet. On cheeks only.
Most recent kiss: Er, it was around the middle of last year. Ian.
Who is one person you've liked but >NEVER< said a thing?: Supermarket boy. He's not a bagger anymore, he works in the seafood area.

If you could take back one thing you did, what would it be and why?: I can't think of any
Do you have any regrets?: Who doesn't?
Last thing you said: "Mm-hmm."
Last song you heard: The 7th Heaven theme
Last person you talked to: Steph
If you could get back together with an ex, who would it be and why?: Uh, I don't really want to get back together with my ex. HI TIM

What are you doing right now?: This. And talking to Steph. And watching 7th Heaven.
What cd is in your cd player?: None. I have the Dazed and Confused soundtrack in the tape player, though.
Are you cold?: A little bit
How are you sitting?: One leg on the chair, one under me
Is there music on?: No
If so, what song is it?:
What time is it?: 8:47 PM
Where are your parents?: My Mom's behind me on her bed, my Dad's in Fremont.

How old will you be when you graduate high school?: Uh, I have no idea.
Are you going to get married?: Hopefully.
Although you cant tell who you'll marry, is there anyone you'd wish it would be?: AHAHAHAH YES.
If so, who?: Craig Nicholls.
Are you going to have children?: Um ... Hopefully not.
If yes, how many?:
What will you name them?: ADDISON
Do you want to go to college?: Yes
Which college: Ivy League
What kind of car will you want to drive: El Camino or Corvette.
What kind of job will you have: Artist/musician.
Whats your expectations for when your 25?: Not be a freak junkie prostitute in Los Angeles.

-*-*HaVe YoU eVeR*-*-
Drank: Yes!
Smoked: Yes
Skinny Dipped: No
Prank called the police: Yes
Been followed, ect by the police: No
Been high: Yes
Done drugs: Not willingly
If so, what?: Weed
Stole: Yes
Met someone off the net: Yes
Been in a fist fight: Yes
Punched your sibling/parent: Yes
Wished you'd die: Yes
Tried to commit suicide: No
Broken a bone: No
Driven illegally: It's not illegal when it's on your own property.
Thrown things at your parents: Yes
Runaway: No
Filled out a survey this long: Longer.

-*-*HoW wOuLd YOU sPeLl ThEsE*-*-
Sean/Shawn: Sean
Desiree/Desirae/other: Desiree
Megan/Meghan: Megan
Nicole/Nichole/other: Nicole
Mark/Marc: Mark
Eric/Erik: Eric
Ashley/Ashlee/Ashleigh/other: Ashley
Morgan/Morghan: Morgan
Jackie/Jaqui/other: Jackie
Caitlin/Kaitlyn/other: Katelyn
Shelly/Shelley/other: Shellee. My Aunt's name. I love the way it's spelled.
Carey/Carrie/other: Carrie
Vick/Vic: Vic
Darren/Daren: DARRAN HI
Derek/Derrick: Deryck
Bryan/Brian: Brian
Nikki/Nicky/Nicci/other: Nicky
Christina/Kristina: Christina
Zak/Zack/Zach: Zack
Gina/Geena: Geena

Do you right in cursive or print?: Print
Are you a lefty, righty, or ambidextrious: Righty
Do you believe in God?: Yes
What do you think of rainbows?: They're alright
Do you have any piercings/tattoos?: Yes
If so, where?: Ears pierced twice
If not, do you want any, where?: I want a tattoo. I want my blood type tattooed on my armpit. I like subtle Nazi references. NO I AM NOT A NAZI
What do you think of Eminem?: He's alright. I don't like rap but I like his lyrics.
Is Tupac Shakur really dead?: Yes.
What do you think of Britney and Justin?: Who gives a shit?
If you could live anywhere else, where would you live?: Europe
Do you drive?: No
Do you have braces or glasses?: Both
Like milk and cookies?: God yes
Ever worn black nail polish?: Yes. Who hasn't?
If your a guy, have you ever painted your nails?: YES
Girls, what color nail polish do you have on?: Um none.
If you could have a 6th sense, what would it be?: I don't know.
If you have a magical power, what would it be and why would you want it?: I just want magical powers in general.
If you could be invisible for a day what would you do?: Sit in Albertson's and stare at the ... er ... seafoodboy.
Do you do things even when your parents say no?: Occasionally. Most of the time I is a good kid.
Ever taken anything from a hotel?: Yes
Did you talk to your crush/bf/gf today?: No
If so, for how long?:
If not, why not?:
Do you think this is stupidly long?: No
Did you like it?: I guess
Why/Why not: Because I like doing these things. I am so stupid.
Do you like me for this?: Yes ;x

What time is it?: 9:04 PM
What is the date?: 17 February
Why did you just do this?: Because I was bored.
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