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Nezumi Fan 4 Life

It's so exciting to actually be on her friends list! It's so cool that I seriously feel the need to tell everyone I know. It's amazing.

Yesterday me and my brother were having a talk about Chloe and how smart she is for 13. I WASN'T THAT SMART AT 13!!!!! I'm jealous. Seriously, she's my idol.

I think I will list 10 reasons why she is better than me:

1. She is a much better drawer
2. She can play guitar
3. She comes across as very smart evertime she says something
4. She has lots of friends and interests
5. She has really great taste in music
6. She expresses her opinion and doesn't care who agrees or disagrees with it
7. She always has something interesting to say in her journal, even if the entry is short.
8. She is really nice (SHE EVEN ADDED ME TO HER FRIENDS LIST!!!)
9. Her parents seem really cool from what I have read
10. She has WONDERFUL icons that I sometimes steal because they are just so great

There are more reasons of course but I need sleep so that's it for now. Feel free to post yours!
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